Window Cleaning:
Let your windows shine with the most trusted professionals in the industry. We use a powerful biodegradable solution that acts as a degreaser while providing protection against the elements. We also provide an optional screen cleaning service.

Our process: We first remove all screens, then carefully take off any paint over-spray. Next, we hand wash the glass with a soft strip washer and non-toxic solution. The final steps are to squeegee the water off the window, then towel dry around the glass edges and wipe the windowsills and frames.

Gutter Clearing & Minor Gutter Repair:

Relieve your overfilled eaves with our gutter cleaning service. We not only clear the debris, but can also spray water through all eaves & down-spouts to ensure proper flow. We will also notify you if we notice any leaks or worn spouts and give you a quote for repairing them.

Pressure Washing / Soft Washing:

Brighten up your home, deck, walkway, or driveway - get it cleaned professionally with our high-powered pressure washers. We first remove the stains with biodegradable soap, then thoroughly power wash the area.

Soft washing: is a superior process for washing your home or office, compared to just pressure washing it, as the process uses high volume, low pressure to throughly clean. First we chemically clean it, then we rinse it off with specialized low pressure washing tips to create an outstanding appearance and give you peace of mind that we will not damage any vinyl, stucco, hardy board or other substrates. As far as we know, we are currently the only ones in the South Okanagan to be cleaning this way, and have had nothing but excellent results every time.

Other Services:

We do offer other services that are often associated with the above mentioned services for an additional cost
For example:
Window Screen cleaning: Cleaning off all the muck that has accumulated over time.
Gutter whitening: Having your gutter system look like brand new on the outside of your home.
Cobweb removal: Removing the clumps of spiderwebs that end up hanging around your home.
Moss removal: Spraying a chemical cleaner on the moss to prevent premature roof deterioration.
Window Screen repair: Replacing the screen mesh that has been damaged over time.
Bird Soiling removal: A special chemical cleaner to removal bird soiling from walls of your building.
Hard water removal: Chemical cleaning of mineral staining from your glass.

*This is not a complete comprehensive list, so please ask if there is some other service that you would like to know if we do.